In Newfoundland and Labrador, Hydro and Nalcor Energy own and maintain approximately 200 dams, dikes and hydraulic structures. These structures are used to store water for use by the hydroelectric plants owned by Hydro and Nalcor Energy.

The Island of Newfoundland

There are nine hydroelectric generating plants on the island of Newfoundland that are operated by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro:

  1. Bay d'Espoir Hydroelectric Generating Facility located on the southern part of Newfoundland.
  2. Cat Arm Hydroelectric Generating Station located on the Northern Peninsula.
  3. Granite Canal Hydroelectric Generating station located in central Newfoundland.
  4. 4. Hinds Lake Hydroelectric Generating Station located on the eastern shore of Grand Lake.
  5. Paradise River Hydroelectric Generating Station —located at the mouth of the Paradise River near the Burin Peninsula.
  6. Roddickton Hydro Plant located near the town of Roddickton.
  7. Snook's Arm and Venam's Bight. These two plants are located on the Baie Verte Peninsula.
  8. Upper Salmon Hydroelectric Generating Station located in south - central Newfoundland

Each of these plants has one or more dams associated with it to store the necessary water. For more information on Hydro's hydroelectric plants visit:

There are four hydroelectric stations operated by Nalcor Energy in central Newfoundland: Grand Falls, Bishop's Falls, Buchans and Star Lake. Nalcor Energy also manages the Red Indian Lake reservoir and its control structure, Exploits Dam, located near Millertown.

Newfoundland Power also owns and operates many small hydro plants on the island of Newfoundland. For more information visit www.NewfoundlandPower.com.


Nalcor Energy owns and maintains the Churchill Falls Generating Station in Labrador. In lakes west of the power generating facility, water reservoirs have been created using a series of 88 dikes totalling 64 kilometres in length. Reservoirs include the Smallwood Reservoir, West Forebay Reservoir and the East Forebay Reservoir. The generating station is located 300 metres underground and harnesses the energy found in the water reservoirs and converts it into electricity.

Nalcor Energy also manages the Menihek Generating Facility. Electricity from this facility supplies power to Hydro-Quebec customers in the Schefferville region.