If it is a life-threatening situation or risk of fire, call your local emergency provider immediately. If there is no immediate risk, call Hydro’s emergency line at 1.888.764.9376 (1.888.76.HYDRO) to shut off the power.

If a motor vehicle is involved in an accident with power lines, poles or a transformer, treat the vehicle as energized. The driver of the vehicle should stay inside the vehicle until help has arrived, unless there is a risk of fire.

If you must leave the vehicle, jump clear of your vehicle with your feet together and shuffle away keeping both feet close together. Never contact the ground and your vehicle at the same time.

If someone else has received an electrical shock, do not touch the person if she or he is still in contact with the source of electricity. The electricity will travel from their body into yours.

If you see a downed power line, stay back 30 metres and contact Hydro immediately. If your equipment has made contact with a power line, do not attempt to remove the equipment or the line yourself – wait for Hydro personnel to arrive.