It is critical to carefully plan your work to prevent contact with overhead and underground power lines.

Check the area before you start your work and identify overhead power lines. Call Hydro at 1.888.737.1296 to make arrangements to have the power lines de-energized, barricaded or moved from the work site if required.

To find out if you are working in Hydro or Newfoundland Power's service area, please view our map.

Call before you dig. If you plan to use drilling or trenching equipment, call Hydro before you start at 1.888.737.1296 to identify underground cable locations.

Review the locations and potential hazards of overhead power lines and underground cables with everyone on the work site. Ensure that everyone is aware of the dangers of coming into contact with electrical equipment.

Careful planning can do more than save your community the inconvenience of a power outage. It can save your life or the life of a friend, family member or co-worker.

Remember, electrical injuries can be prevented.
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