The following are examples of work projects that require particular attention to overhead power lines and underground cables:
  • Using large machinery and equipment: Proceed with caution when operating large machinery or equipment to ensure that you are safely within recommended clearance guidelines to avoid making contact with overhead power lines. The following are examples of large machinery and equipment that have been known to come into contact with power lines:
    • Excavators – this type of machinery is at extremely high risk of making contact with overhead and underground power lines.
    • Booms
    • Cranes
    • Tractors
    • Trailers
    • Dump trucks
    • Snow clearing equipment
    Be aware of the location of power lines when loading or unloading equipment. Ensure the dump/boom body of your machinery is down before you leave the work site.

  • Transporting high loads: If you intend to transport any load in excess of 4.15 metres high along a public road, you are required to obtain a permit from the Department of Transportation and Works. Newfoundland Power or Hydro must also be contacted to determine whether or not an escort is required. When operating equipment, post a signal person to ensure you maintain a safe working distance from overhead power lines.

  • Drilling or trenching: Before you begin drilling or trenching, it is very important to call Hydro at 1.888.737.1296 before you dig. Hydro will identify any underground cables in the work site location. Ensure you place signage to mark locations of all buried electrical equipment on site.

  • Building sheds: When planning to build a shed or storage facility, ensure that the shed is built at a safe distance from power lines. Contact Hydro to find out where your shed should be built in relation to the power lines in your area.

  • Snow clearing: Snow clearing operators are reminded to be careful around power lines, poles and guy–wires, as high snow piles can reduce your ability to clearly identify them.

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