• Determine if the outage is limited to your home, or if the outage has affected your entire neighbourhood.
  • If limited to your home, check the circuit breaker panel or fuse box. If required, replace fuses with the same size only, or reset breakers.
  • If the power is out in your neighbourhood, call Hydro's Power Outage and Emergency Service at 1-888-764-9376 (1-888-76-HYDRO) to receive outage information, or to report an outage, downed wires, trees or broken poles.
  • Never go near or touch a fallen power line.
  • Turn off electrical appliances, especially stoves, which may pose a hazard if power is restored while people are sleeping or away from the house.
  • Don't turn off your refrigerator or freezer. Keep the doors of your refrigerator and freezer closed to keep your food as fresh as possible.
  • Turn thermostats to the lowest setting or switch them off; and keep only one light on to let you know when power has been restored.
  • Don't use camp stoves or barbecues indoors as they produce hazardous fumes.
  • Do not plug a portable generator into the wiring system of a home or building. This action could result in serious injury to utility workers.
  • Plug individual appliances directly into the portable generator.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Stay warm with blankets and wearing layers.
  • Spend some quiet, quality time with friends and family while crews work to safely restore power.
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