Bicycle riding is a fun and popular activity among kids and adults. Unfortunately, bicycle riding can also lead to injuries or even death, especially when riders don't wear a helmet. Stay safe while riding with these bicycle tips:
  1. Always wear a properly fitted helmet.
  2. To properly fit a helmet adjust the side straps first, then the chinstrap until the buckle fits neatly under the chin. The fit should be snug against the top of the head, and secure against the bottom of the chin without any excess strap.
  3. Consider wearing other safety gear such as gloves, kneepads, and elbow pads.
  4. Do not ride in high traffic areas.
  5. Make sure the bike fits the rider. To judge, sit on the seat and try to balance the bike with your toes. If you cannot, adjust the seat, or find a bike that fits.
  6. Obey all traffic rules and use hand signals.
  7. Watch for road hazards such as objects in your path, dogs, potholes, people, loose gravel, etc.
  8. Use reflectors, a bell or horn, and a headlight.
  9. Before you ride, check tires, brakes, and chains to be sure they work properly.
  10. Wear reflective clothing.
  11. Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  12. Look left, right, left when entering traffic.
  13. Ride in single file and be alert for hand signals from the rider in front.
  14. Learn and use hand signals for left turn, right turn and stop.
  15. Walk your bike across intersections.
  16. Allow pedestrians the right-of-way.
  17. Never listen to headphones while riding.
  18. Be alert for electrical hazards such as downed wires, and never ride in prohibited areas.
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