Dogs make wonderful pets, providing companionship for people of all ages. Nonetheless, we need to respect the fact that dogs are animals, and even a well-trained dog can sometimes bite and cause injury, especially if they are hurt, feel threatened, or are afraid.

The fact is we often take more care around dogs we don't know than the ones we do because we assume familiarity means safety. In fact, the majority of dog bites come from dogs known by the victim. More than one third of all dog bites come from dogs that belonged to a friend, an acquaintance or a relative, and a little less than a third of victims were bitten by their own dogs. Of all the dog bites reported, less than 15 per cent of victims didn't know the dog that bit them. *

Keep safety around dogs at the top of your mind with the information found at the links below.
*Source: Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program, 1996, 2012

Dog Safety for Children
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Is Your Dog a Meter Reader Eater?
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Dog prevention tips at a glance
  1. Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.
  2. Be on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations where dogs are present.
  3. Teach young children - including toddlers - how to be careful around pets.
  4. Teach your children not to approach strange dogs.
  5. Always ask permission from a dog's owner before petting any dog.
  6. Never tease a dog with food or toys; they may become aggravated and attack.
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