Dams, generating stations and reservoirs are used for the generation of electricity. They are not recreational areas. Water flows, both upstream and downstream, may change quickly and without warning. Observe these 10 tips, and you're sure to stay safe.
  1. Avoid all generating facilities including dams, powerhouses and electrical equipment.
  2. Obey all warning signs and do not enter restricted areas.
  3. Do not boat, fish or swim above or below a dam or generating station.
  4. Never leave children unsupervised near hydroelectric equipment.
  5. Stay outside of safety booms and buoys.
  6. Be alert for audible and/or visual warnings.
  7. Be alert for changes in water levels.
  8. Never stand, anchor or tie your boat below a dam. Water levels and flows can change rapidly, swamping your boat or putting you in the grip of an undertow.
  9. Stay off hydroelectric dams or station structures, unless Hydro has clearly indicated public walkways or observation points.
  10. Stay well back from the edge of a waterway where footing may be slippery or unstable.
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