Each year about 2,500 children in Canada are injured around playgrounds. Follow these simple steps to help us reduce that number.
  1. Before using a playground, check the area for glass or other sharp objects.
  2. Supervise young children in playgrounds and teach them not to approach strangers.
  3. Check their clothing for strings, scarves or other items that might get caught in equipment and strangle them.
  4. Have children go down slides feet first and hold the handrails.
  5. Make sure kids play on age-appropriate equipment.
  6. Don't walk or run in front of swings that are in motion.
  7. Make sure the equipment is in good repair and has no sharp edges.
  8. There should be at least six inches of soft surface such as sand, gravel or wood chips under equipment.
  9. Don't let young children climb too high, and stay by them.
  10. Carry antiseptic lotion and bandages for bumps and scrapes.